PIA Announces To Add More Flights To Gilgit Baltistan


Pakistan’s national carrier PIA has announced to increase its flights to Gilgit-Baltistan GB by March 28. According to the report, The national carrier currently operates two flights to the region which will be increased to three, PIA CEO Arshad Malik told the media.

During a meeting with a delegation of the Federation Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry FPCCI, he vowed to enhance the connectivity by improving air transportation between GB and the main centres of the economy and industrial sector.

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According to the details unveiled during the meeting PIA will start a project for the construction of a new runway on the Gilgit airport along with other facilities which will provide facilities to tourists and passengers.

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CEO Malik promised to introduce new discounts on passenger fares and other expenditures as well.

We want to enhance the cooperation and coordination with the business community and the community should come forward and play their due role in helping PIA for making it more efficient and strong,” he added.

Resuming Flights To Iraq

The flight operations for Iraq pilgrims were halted due to the coronavirus flight ban. “PIA will restart flight operation to Iraq,” Malik said, ensuring that the airline will provide pilgrims with all facilities.

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PIA is going through huge challenges on financial and technological fronts and with the support of the business community and exporters it will revive its past glory and come out from all these facing challenges, Malik said in a statement.

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