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PIA Has Announced Online Check-in Facility For Customers


PIA has been working on mobile apps and digital facilities lately, PIA has also launched their mobile app specifically for PIA Cockpit Crew. The app lets users to analyze, maintain, record and work on data digitally in a robust manner.

Now PIA is heading towards customer service and announced the launch of mobile apps for public and online check-in facility for its passengers. Now passengers can book tickets online using website or app after the confirmation of seat/booking and ticket purchase, users can check-in online either using PIA website or mobile app before arriving to the airport.

This development is the part of bigger plan of digital transformation program at PIA, the program is led by PIA’s Chief of Information Officer, CIO Azhar Nawaz, according to the program the focus is to transform the work environment in PIA which heavily relies on paper work and transform it into IT enabled work environment. Online ticketing and checking-in facilities would drive more direct sales for PIA and also improve overall customer service at National Airline.

Online check-in facilities are currently available on both PIA website and mobile apps, although, it is only available for domestic flights within Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. PIA has ensured that they will soon make it available for international flights once it’s successfully implemented on domestic flights.

Why PIA Is Under So Much Heat Lately 

The online check-in becomes available for all domestic flights 24 hours prior to departure of the flight, and closes down before 3 hours of departure. However, travellers have to drop-off luggage at the check-in counters 45 minutes earlier the flight departure due to the rigorous security checks at the airport.

The acting CEO of PIA, Nayar Hayat spoke about the new developments while talking at the occasion and said, online check-in system through website and apps shows our pursuit of improved customer experience at PIA, he further added, we will continue to bring in more facilities to our customer with the use of ICT, he congratulated ICT department at PIA to come up with great app, design and implementation of the online check-in facility.