PIA aircraft collided with passenger staircase before departure

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) aircraft collided with a passenger aircraft in Islamabad Airport.  The aircraft was departing for Karachi airport before it collided.

The wing of the aircraft got damaged when the PIA flight PK-373 was set to depart for Karachi, but before that it collided with the passenger staircase.

The wing of the aircraft is being repaired as per the PIA officials. Now the flight will depart for Karachi at 1:30 pm. All the passengers have been sent back to the passenger lounge.

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These incidents with PIA aircraft are quite common. Back in November, the PIA aircraft skidded off the runway at the Panjgur airport. But fortunately no passenger was hurt.

The tire of the plane burst while landing. The plane was flying from Karachi to Panjgur. The pilot of the flight PK-517 maintained his cool and calm and brought the aircraft to a halt near the runway. On social media, the passengers leaving the aircraft in a hurry did go viral.

Similarly back in 2013, PIA aircraft made an emergency landing in Quetta as its tyres busted. There have been numerous accidents of PIA planes in the past. It is important that the national carrier improves quality of its aircraft and pilots.

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