PIA Aircraft Collided with a Parked Plane at Karachi Airport

collided with a parked plane

On Saturday at the Karachi Airport, a passenger plane of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) collided with a parked plane of Shaheen Airlines. The PIA aircraft got badly damaged by the collision.

As per the local media reports, the aircraft was loaded with passengers when the incident occurred. The accident happened when the place was taxiing at the hanger of the Karachi airport. Luckily, no human injuries were reported. All the staff and passengers remained safe from any mishap.

The reports further revealed that the fuel tank and the engine of the PIA’s plane were damaged in the collision.

After the accident, an emergency was declared at the airport as the oil from the damaged fuel tank started to spill out. The firefighters circled the plane for dealing with any severe situation.

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An investigation has been initiated into the matter.

On the 10th of November, an ATR plane of Pakistan International Airlines missed a disaster as it swung off the runway while it was landing. The flight PK-517 which was en route from Karachi to Panjgur—a region in the West Balochistan, while landing the plane slipped off the runway into an open area hence affecting the plane tires badly.

The passengers remained safe from any kind of harm during the landing. An inquiry has been directed by the national flag carrier into this incident which occurred one day after a C-130 plane of Pakistan Air Force caught fire as it made an emergency landing at the Nur Khan Base.

The plane was on a routine training when the incident happened. The fire of the aircraft was extinguished and all the crew members on the plane remained safe.

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