PIA Airbus A-310 Sales Mystery Deepened

The mystery around the sale of Airbus A-310 of Pakistan International Airline extended but so far, no legal action against the ones responsible for the unprincipled deal has been taken.

The aircraft which flew from Karachi landed at Leipzig airport—Germany through Malta and there it was sold.

The flag carrier airline issued show-cause notices to the ex-senior officials involved in the scam. PIA’s spokesperson said that the aircraft was the property of the airline and it was sold only after the tender notices were released in international and local newspapers. The tenders would supposedly be opening on the 18th of January next year that is January 18’2018.

A secret PIA investigation report relating the sale of the Airbus A-310 (AP-BEQ) had been made and consigned to cold storage.

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The report was sent to the PIA and aviation authorities as per the directives of the PIA Chairman Board, but the report is being kept a secret.

The report indicates that three previous PIA officials took part in the deal, including Hildenbrand—acting CEO of the airline, Helmut Bachhofner—the Austrian technical advisor and the ex-director procurement.

Two of the three officers were given show-cause notices, but the third official was not issued any notice or whatsoever. The investigation was carried out by Javed Mansha—PIA’s Internal Auditor and Ahmed Rauf—the Legal Adviser of the airline.

As per a copy of the report, the Airbus was flown to Germany much before the tender notices for the sale of the aircraft were issued.

The report further reveals that the Airbus was sold for euros forty-seven thousand and five hundred. The Airbus was the airline’s property and still was sold without any proper documentation and the permission of the concerned authorities.

Show-cause notices were given to Hildenbrand and Helmut Bachhofner. Hildenbrand flew back to Germany without giving any response to the notice, whereas Bachhofner’s lawyer submitted a reply after which he was fired by the national carrier. The procurement officer was not given any notice.

A Senate panel also tried acting against the concerned top officials, but their involvement was intervened by the top authorities of the airline and prevented them from taking any action against the responsible.

Helmut Bachhofner served in PIA without any security clearance and after the sale of the Airbus, he went back to Austria.

Mashhood Tajwar—PIA Spokesperson said that the report has been submitted to the concerned authorities. He informed that the Airbus was on a asphalt at the Germany airport and fresh tender notices were published for the sale of the aircraft in the United States, Germany and Pakistan on December 8,12 and 10 respectively.

He said that the interested purchasers were called by PIA on the 19th of January next year. He added that the Airbus is PIA’s property and its every part including the avionics system, landing gears, engine and spare parts everything would be sold.

The aircraft was cleared to take off by the officials of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Airbus only flew after receiving the NOC.

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