PIA Air Hostess Gets Notice for Misbehaving with Medic

PIA Air Hostess

An air hostess of the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has received a notice of explanation for misbehaving with the medic. She has been given the notice to explain her position about her misbehavior with an on-duty doctor at the Bacha Khan International Airport (BKIA), Peshawar.

Benish Sadiq misbehaved with the lady Shehnaz when the was asked about the samples for a COVID-19 test when she arrived at the airport from Abu Dhabi. She was on board the flight number PK-9218 of the Pakistan International Airlines.

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The issued notice by Bashirud Din Behroze, Base Incharge Flight Services Backa Khan International Airport stated that the air hostess misbehaved with the on-duty doctor, Dr Shehnaz when the flight PK-9218 arrived.

He asked the flight attendant of the PIA to explain her take about the incident within the span of 24 hours of the reception of the notice.

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