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PIA Aims To Regain Its Position In Pakistan

PIA CEO, Dr. Musharaf Rasool Cyan said, that PIA is starting a new journey in which they want to make PIA the successful airline of Pakistan again. In this process, he needs the help of PIA customers. He is conducting a survey to analyze how PIA can provide better service to its users. Which aspects need to be immediately changed or improved by PIA and how? At the end, he urged the people to become part of the survey, fill it so that PIA can help people in an appropriate manner.


So the survey will ask for your contact information and close-ended questions. The survey starts with individual’s Name, Occupation, City of Residence, Flight#, Destination, Region, Contact No, Email, Age, Gender, and Cabin.

The close-ended questions asked have the option poor, average, good and very good. Questions asked are about fare competitiveness with other carriers, seat availability, the accuracy of flight etc.

Here is the link for the survey. If you do want to share your opinion on services offered by PIA fill it via the link


PIA has been going through a rough time for years now. The reputation has just gone down with time. Recently when an airline ranking for the year 2017 was announced by AirHelp, PIA ranked 80th out of total 87 spots in it. No, this wasn’t shocking for anyone but it does tell us how PIA has lost its repute and position.

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Now if the airline wants to improve or regain its position lets help it. Let’s at least as customers identify the faults. Where it needs to improve and what steps are necessary for betterment.