PIA 200 Ghost Employees Fired

reviving PIA

More than 200 ghost employees have been fired by the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA). 200 employees who were hired on daily wages have been fired.

Furthermore, Supreme Court ordered PIA to take action against its employees who hold fake degrees. Thus PIA has acted upon the directions of the Supreme Court and accelerated the process of taking action against fake degree holders in PIA.

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On the suspicion of holding fake degrees, more than 400 employees have been suspended or fired from their service. These employees included pilots and air hostesses.

Also, the administration reported that PIA hired ghost workers who were given daily wages. Action is being taken against those employees.

Third parties were used to hire these ghost employees. They were paid from PIA’s payroll, as reported by the sources. Weirdly, sources revealed that most of them received their pay even when they were not working.

200 such employees were identified and were removed from PIA. Also action will be taken against those PIA workers who were absent from work for the last four months.

A PIA spokesperson confirmed, “PIA has no place for ghost employees.”

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