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Phone Numbers Used by Nawaz Sharif in Jail are Out

Nawaz Sharif is using the phone, WiFi, and internet in jail as claimed by a journalist.

A senior journalist Shaheen Sehabi exposed that Nawaz Sharif is using WiFi in Jail. Shaheen tweeted that Nawaz Sharif is using the WiFi of his next-door B-Class neighbor who has 20 different sims with him in jail.

He tweeted, “Raja Arshad Mahmud is next door B-Class neighbor of Nawaz in jail, has 5-Star status incl WIFI n 20 different sims. Nawaz is using HIS WiFi n WhatsApp. Arshad killed Mohd Mian Soomro’s nephew in 2016 but Jail Supdt is properly fed for the facility. PROBE NEEDED.”

Then a lawyer and an entrepreneur Jawad Sohrab Malik exposed the WhatsApp numbers that are being used by Nawaz Sharif in Jail.

He tweeted, “Reportedly, my brother’s killers are using the following numbers in Adiala Jail: +1 630-209-5253, +923370638581, +44 7388 338661, +1 312 843 4674, +92 300 586 4777.”

Shaheen Sehabi replied to this tweet and said, “NAWAZ NEIGHBOUR EXPOSED: I Tweeted about the B-Class neighbour of Nawaz in Adiala and today the WhatsApp numbers being used are also out. Will someone in power try and check out whats going on or everyone is still scared that Takht-e-Sharif may again come back into power n hit back.”

Nawaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz are kept in Adiala jail as the Accountability Court announced jail for 10 years for Nawaz Sharif, 7 years for Maryam Nawaz. Earlier Adiala Jail’s Head Warden hugged Nawaz Sharif and got replaced. The administration of Adiala Jail transferred the officer because he embraced the former disqualified Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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