Philips Working On QD-OLED TVs, Samsung To Deliver Panels

So far, TVs with the new QD-OLED technology are only available from Samsung and Sony. But that’s about to change – according to a report, Philips is working on its first QD OLED TV. Nothing has been decided in the company yet.

This is reported by the online magazine WhatHiFi. Philips is therefore considering entering the production of QD OLED televisions. The company has already confirmed this itself, after previously showing a new prototype of a Philips QD OLED gaming monitor.

Danny Tack, director of product strategy and planning at Philips’s parent company TP Vision, confirmed the news in an interview with HDTV Test (viewable on YouTube ). So it looks like Philips will be the third brand after Samsung and Sony to produce TVs with this still-new technology.

QD-OLED is a technology developed by Samsung. It aims to combine the contrast of OLED with the greater color brilliance and brightness of Quantum Dots. It is therefore hardly surprising that Philips wants to buy the displays for the first QD OLED TVs directly from Samsung. “We’re also looking at Samsung’s QD OLED panel,” Tack told HDTV Test. We also have prototypes in our innovation center in Ghent and we compare both to identify strengths and weaknesses.”

New Product line arriving in early 2023

A decision on whether Philips will launch QD OLED TVs will be made at a later date, he added. Philips plans to unveil its 2023 TV offering in February. Only then will you probably find out whether there will be a Philips QD-OLED TV. The brand already sells a QD OLED gaming monitor, so it wouldn’t be entirely new territory for the company.