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Philip Morris International Decides to Quit Smoking

The Marlboro cigarettes maker in the United Kingdom is willing to give up smoking this new year.

Philip Morris International introduced a new advertising campaign on Tuesday that promotes smokers to kick the habit of smoking. The ads were displayed in the British newspaper with the caption “Our New Year’s Resolution: We’re trying to give up cigarettes.”

The advertisements are the latest development relating the company’s efforts for encouraging smoking alternatives.

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The company in a statement to CNNMoney said that the provision of less harmful options to the smokers who would otherwise not leave smoking is a common-sense approach towards public health, incorporated by the increasing number of health professional and experts globally.

Recently science and technology have come up with alternate solutions to give to the smokers over cigarettes.

The company mentioned smoke-free products including the e-cigarettes and heated tobacco products as other options to cigarettes. It also mentioned that it has spent more than £2.5 billion or some amount about £3.4 billion on research, product development and commercial use over the last decade to make smoke-free alternatives.

Other than the ad campaign, Philip Morris has also made a new website called “Smoke-Free Future”. It contains details and content relating quitting smoking and using alternative products.

It also added that the company is seeking government consent and approval for directly inserting this kind of information into our cigarette packs.

Philip Morris International (PM) has no products sale in the United States market. Marlboro cigarettes stateside are being made by the Philip Morris USA—a branch of Altria—separated from PM back in 2008.

England has been engaged in working towards a “smoke-free generation.” Earlier in July, the government released a “Tobacco Control Plan” that aimed at reducing the count of smokers—a goal among many other.

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