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PFA to Ban Kids in Chewing and Bubble Gum Ads

To limit the misleading advertisements, the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has taken a decision to ban the casting of children in the ads made on chewing and bubble gums.

The authority announced this based on the suggestion of its scientific panel of professionals and after comprehensive consultation. The provincial food regulator summoned the representatives of all the chewing gum making firms next week for sharing suggestions of the scientific panel and to announce the decision of the Pakistan Food Authority.

The spokesperson of PFA said that the scientific panel had pointed out that the use of chewing gum was not good for the health of children. He said that the chewing gum, which is generally made with artificial ingredients and flavours, hinders the growth of children and decreases the appetite for food.

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In the meantime, the provincial authority during an ongoing campaign against the lack of hygiene in food businesses has closed down eight food outlets over the violation of various food regulations.

Noorul Amin Mengal—the Director General of PFA gave orders to the officials to conduct raids on different food points in the provincial metropolis. The teams were escorted by the food safety and assistant food safety officers.

During the inspection, the authority sealed two water filtration plants which include Arctic Water and Seasly Water Plants for using the logo of PFA without approval.

Furthermore, the food safety regulators also sealed a famous ice cream shop—Chamman Ice Cream over contamination and its use of non-food grade colour, expired products and ingredients.

Further, PFA’s regulators sealed a nimko producing unit of Sheikh Food Products as it was making use of substandard oil, expired items use of loose colours and for fake labelling.

The PFA has imposed fines and has issued eighty-three warning notices for the improvement of sweet shops, meat shops, eateries, production units and also gathered water samples for the laboratory tests.

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