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PFA takes action against Artificially Ripened Mangoes

Action is being taken by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) against artificially ripened mangoes. The mangoes ripened through chemical compounds are being tested by PFA. A total of 1262 kg of mangoes were discarded after it was found that they were adulterated with calcium carbide so that they artificially ripened.

The chemically contaminated mangoes were discarded by PFA teams as they inspected 35 markets in a crackdown on the food business operators (FBOs) involved in adulteration.

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According to the PFA Director General Capt. (Retd.) Muhammad Usman, PFA checked 114 stalls in 11 markets in Lahore, 125 stalls in Rawalpindi and 91 stalls in 13 markets in Multan.

He said that all necessary measures are being taken by PFA to make the mission of the Punjab government’s “Safe Food, Healthy Punjab” successful. 443 awareness seminars have been conducted to educate the people that are associated with the food business.

It is important that the food business owners and administration know that there are check and balance on them and the items they sell and simultaneously it is important that the public is aware of these things. PFA has a huge responsibility on its shoulders to ensure that healthy, clean food is provided to the public.