PFA Sealed 7 Breakfast Eateries in Lahore

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has sealed seven breakfast points in Lahore. Also, heavy fines have been imposed on those eateries that violated food regulations set by PFA.

An operation was launched by PFA against the breakfast points in Lahore providing unhealthy and unhygienic breakfast. Food safety officers supervised food safety teams and ran this operation successfully.

The breakfast points were sealed for using unhygienic products, spices, rancid oil, having untidy floor production area and a dirty overall environment with an abundance of insects. Food workers didn’t have medical certificates which also led to the eatery getting sealed.

Only last week, PFA started a campaign against the food sold in educational institutions at canteens, café, and hostels. Almost 128 hostel mess and canteens were visited by the authority officials in Lahore. 8 cafeterias were closed.

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Punjab Food Authority has been operative in Lahore since 2012. The goal of this authority is to ensure that hygienic food is given to the citizens of Lahore and those that are violating the rules are warned & closed.

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