PFA Declared 61 Ghee and Oil Brands Unfit for Consumption

61 Ghee and cooking oil brands have been declared unfit and unhealthy for human consumption by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA). Almost 47,233 litres of ghee and cooking oil has been confiscated from the market by PFA.

The results taken from the sample collection of ghee and cooking oil has been released by PFA.

The aim of the sample collection was to confirm whether requisite micronutrients are available in the cooking oils and to check the quality of the ghee and oils, as revealed by the PFA Director General Muhammad Usman.

Further on he added that no compromise will be made on the quality of the cooking oils. 88 brands are being analyzed, and the anlysis will be completed quite soon. As of year 29,099 litres, 15,661 litres, 2,473 litres oil has been removed from Lahore Zone, Rawalpindi Zone and South Zone respectively. 267 samples of the oil were taken and then laboratory test was done on them in presence of the representatives from the company.

The ghee and cooking oil that have been declared unfit for consumption are following:

Abid Koh-e-Noor Banaspati

Ambar Banaspati

Apna Banaspati

Apna Canola Oil

Areej Premium Banaspati

Atif Banaspati

Attiya Banaspati

Badar Cooking Oil

Behtreen Banaspati

Crispo Vegetable Oil

Dawat Cooking Oil

Enam Cooking Oil

Faizi Banaspati

Gai Canola Cooking Oil

Gai Cooking Oil

Gai Sunflower Cooking Oil

Ghousia Banaspati

Ghousia Canola Oil

Gold Rehmat Banaspati

Hoor Canola Oil

Hoor Cooking Oil

Hoor Sunflower Oil

Ittehad Cooking Oil

Kamiyab Cooking Oil

Kamran Banaspati

Karwan Banaspati

Kausar Canola Oil

Kausar Cooking Oil

Khajoor Cooking Oil

Kisan Cooking Oil (Sunflower)

Lives Cooking Oil

Mamta Banaspati

Mujahid Cooking Oil

Naimat Canola Oil

Naturelle Cooking Oil

Nice Banaspati

Nirala Banaspati

Olio Premium Canola Oil

Olio Premium Sunflower Oil,

Qarni Banaspati

Rahat Banaspati Ghee

Seasons Frying Oil

Sitara Cooking Oil

Soya Supreme Banaspati

Sultan Sunflower Oil

Zareen Banaspati

Chand Banaspati

Ella Cooking Oil

Evolin Vegetable Banaspati

Evolin Vegetable Cooking Oil

Fauji Cooking Oil

Golden Sun Banaspati

Golden Sun Cooking Oil

Ittehad Banaspati

Khajur Banaspati

Lives Banaspati

Madni Cooking Oil

Shamim Banaspati

Sultan Canola Oil

Sultan Cooking Oil

Zaiqa Cooking Oil

Also, PFA led another operation in which Gourmet Foods in Faisalabad, Sialkot and Multan city got sealed, as it was unable to meet the standards of the authority.

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