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PFA Bans Popular Mineral Water Brands including Aquafina

Popular mineral water brands have been banned by Punjab Food Authority. The brands failed to meet the standard and quality set by PFA. These mineral water brands are Aquafina, Kinley, and Springley.

PFA has confirmed that the company is collecting samples from hospitals both private and government. Also, water samples are taken from Water and Sanitation Agency and now the results will be seen to decide the fate of the hospitals and the agency.

It is quite surprising that Aquafina is included in the list of banned mineral water brands as in the survey conducted previously, Aquafina was the only brand labeled safe to use as per Pakistan Standards and Quality Control Authority (PSQCA).

The survey was conducted in Lahore. Samples were taken from all over the city, then they were sent for testing to Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research.

Samples were taken from 14 mineral water brands, namely: Aquafina, Sufi, Kinley, Aqua Safe, Blu Water, Sparkle, Kinz, Naimat, Bottle Water, Pure Drinking Water, Nestle Pure Life, Murree Sparkletts, Zam Zam, and Springley.

Not one out of these 14 companies passed the criteria to be called ‘mineral water’. Isn’t it shocking?

11 of them just passed to be called as ‘Plain or Safe water.’

It clearly means that all companies are misleading the public and their advertisements are false. Using the term mineral water is wrong and it’s deceptive. Not one of them provides the people with mineral water. 11 of them provide safe water, while 3 are not even providing safe water to the people while claiming their water to be ‘mineral water’.

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PFA has asked the water brands to make changes. The three companies banned by PFA have hazardous chemicals and germs in their water. Thus the water is harmful to human health. PFA has asked them to not just stop production of their water but also remove their already sent stock in the market.

The companies asked PFA to allow them to continue production and re-test their water but PFA is determined on their stance and has clearly told them that they cannot continue production. Director General PFA has allowed companies to appeal and on appeal, their samples will be re-tested.

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  1. People use brands because they promise the best quality and international standers. What do you think what is the procedure to make a tap water purify? I am satisfy with my current water brand.

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