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Petroleum Prices In the Month of September

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The government has decided to maintain the current petrol prices in the following month of September according to the credible sources.

All petroleum prices are expected to remain the same during next month; the sources said there is no possibility of changing prices for the following month.

However, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) will send its routine summary to the ministry in order to review the prices but the government would keep the prices as it is for September simply overlooking the suggestions made by OGRA.

Petroleum prices are even dropped further in International markets, but the government is not willing to reduce the prices for the reasons they justify in many different ways.

Previously, the government kept petrol prices unchanged in August despite the OGRA’s summary of slicing down the petroleum prices. Similarly, OGRA proposed changes in petroleum products during the last week of June to cut the prices for the following month but the government didn’t take the proposal seriously and the prices saw very little change not according to OGRA.

There was another report a few weeks ago in which it was unveiled that government is selling petrol to the public at almost 60% profit.