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Petroleum Prices Likely to Reduce by Rs10 per litre

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The petroleum prices are expected to be reduced by Rs10 per litre from the 1st of February.

As per the details, a summary for reducing the petrol prices by Rs4 per litre, Kerosene oil by Rs10 per litre and diesel by Rs6 per litre has been drafted.

According to the media reports, the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has prepared the summary.

The summary would be forwarded to the Finance and Petroleum Ministries within the span of one or two days.

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The decision of decreasing the petroleum prices would be taken on the 30th of January.

Previously, the government made the announcement to reduce the price of petrol for the month of January 2019 by Rs4.86 per litre while that of High-Speed diesel by Rs4.26 per litre.

The price of Kerosene oil was decreased by Rs0.52 and the price of the light diesel oil (LDO) was reduced by Rs2.16 per litre, as per the statement issued by the ministry of finance.

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