Petroleum Division To Talk With Oil Companies Today To End Oil Crisis In Pakistan

petrol shortage

Representatives of Petroleum Division and Oil Marketing Companies and Refineries will meet today and consider the shortage of petroleum products in the country and the existing stocks so that there will be no shortage of petroleum products in the country in the future.

There is a shortage of petroleum products in many parts of the country. OGRA had issued notices to private oil companies including Shell Pakistan, Go, Hescole, Attock Petroleum Limited, Total and Puma, and sought reports from them on the existing stock of petroleum products.

Many Twitter users posted videos of the current conditions at petrol stations across the country saying that petrol pumps are not giving petrol as much needed by the consumers.

Representatives of the companies will be heard today after which fines may be imposed on the companies. According to the reports submitted, the oil marketing companies have 12 days stock of petrol and 17 days stock of diesel. It is the responsibility of oil companies to maintain an adequate amount of stock all the time in order to keep a healthy supply to the country according to the supply and consumption of oil marketing companies. According to the sources, an officer from the petroleum division played a skeptical role in the import of oil products due to which the oil crisis got worsen.

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