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Petrol Shortage In All Pakistan Worsening

All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association continues its strike after a failed negotiation session with the government. Chairman Yousuf Shahwani, All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owner Association told this to media. A meeting was assembled by Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources with the All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association, All Pakistan Carriage Contractors Association and All Marketing Companies. The aim of the meeting was to convince All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association to stop the strike.

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The meeting ended on the note where oil tankers management were chanting slogan against motorway police, NHA, and OGRA. As per Yousuf Shahwani, the demands of All Pakistan Oil Tankers Owners Association and All Pakistan Carriage Contractors were presented and the government denied those demands.

Shahwani further said that no more meetings would be conducted with the government as the attitude of chairperson OGRA was offensive.

The demands presented to the government were to increase cargo rate, end National Logistic Cell from the oil business, a slowdown of oil transfer to Peshawar through the train, open up the Kohat tunnel for them, reduce explosive permit rate and permit work with the same axle.

Oil tanker association refused to comply by governments plan to increase the number of oil tankers’ axles to five from two.

OMC was accused by OGRA Spokesperson Imran Ghaznavi of being behind the oil tanker strike. Also, he accused the associations of blackmailing by saying that relaxation can be given but the safety of Pakistanis is the priority.

Now that oil tankers are on strike Pakistan Petroleum Dealers Association has also put forward a demand to raise Rs5 per liter or 250% increase in profit margin on the POL products. The demand was made focusing on three issues improvement of dealer’s margin, smuggled petrol and usage of sub standard oil tankers. Smuggled petrol has an adverse impact on the business of petrol pumps.
Due to the strike by All Pakistan Oil Tankers Association a shortage was reported in petroleum products in Baluchistan. The matter is of extreme concern as bikes experienced closed petroleum pumps one after another. The situation is similar today in all cities of Pakistan. So what is the solution and where are we going as a country.

The only solution is communication. Every problem in the world can be solved through communication. Both the parties should listen to each other and then negotiate. Ignorance is never the solution as opted by government currently. The whole situation that is at the moment only people of Pakistan would suffer, so isn’t it better to let the difference go and work out on the solutions with open heart and open minds.