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Petrol Pumps Might Close on 23rd October 2017

All Pakistan (Ittefaq) Oil Tankers Owners Association has again warned the government that if their demands are not fulfilled they will again strike on 23rd October 2017. So if they do strike it means that petrol pumps will most likely close or will have fuel shortage on 23rd October 2017.

The demands of oil tankers include a rise of 70% in freight rates. Also, they want to be permitted to carry a load up to 32,000 liters during the transportation process. A letter was sent to OGRA on 14th October to pressurize the government to take notice of their demands.

This is not the first time that an oil association has warned Pakistan government and OGRA that they will start a mass strike if their demands remain unfulfilled. Before this, many oil companies have tried to put pressure on OGRA to extend the time so that they can meet the safety measurements which OGRA has devised.

Before this Oil Tankers, Owners Association decided they will go on strike in July 2017 but they withdrew from it when petroleum secretary assured them that all their demands would be considered. Now there has been no development since then which is why the Tankers Owner Association has decided to go on strike again.

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For the sake of people, OGRA and oil association should try to resolve this issue in an appropriate manner.

When All Pakistan Oil Tanker association started talking about going on a strike APOTA Chairman Yousaf Shawani said, “No one is ready to listen to us, neither Ogra nor NHA. National Highway Authority is not ready to provide relief to the oil tankers and wants us to modify our fleet overnight which is not possible. We don’t want to go on strike but the government compelling us to resort to strike.”