Petrol Prices May Increase Upto Rs. 11.95 Per Litre

OGRA has again suggested an increase in petroleum-product prices. The prices may go up by Rs. 11.95 per litre.

OGRA has suggested increasing the petroleum product prices up to Rs. 11.95 per litre. The suggestion, if approved, may result in an increase in prices from January 16, 2021.

The department has further suggested a surge of Rs. 9.57 per litre in the diesel.

The decision awaits approvals from the Ministry of Finance and the head of the state.

Previously, the Prime Minister of Pakistan approved to increase the prices by Rs. 2.31, which was the maximum increment the PM allowed at that time. While OGRA’s suggestion was to increase prices by Rs. 10.68.

A spokesperson of PM Imran Khan earlier said:

While considering relief for the people, Prime Minister Imran Khan approved the minimum possible increase in prices of petroleum products against OGRA’s recommendations

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