Petrol Prices Expected to Increase in March 2018

2018, the start of a New Year and the beginning of ever-increasing fuel prices in Pakistan. Two months have passed by and in both the months, the government has increased fuel prices. Thus we can expect the same for March 2018. Petrol prices might increase in March 2018.

Let’s look back at this year. In January the government increased petrol price by Rs4.06 per liter from Rs77.47 to Rs81.53 per liter, high-speed diesel price increased by Rs3.96 per liter from Rs85.95 to 89.91 per liter, Lightspeed diesel price increased by Rs6.25 from Rs52.12 per liter to Rs58.37, superior kerosene oil price increased by Rs6.79 per liter from Rs57.58 to Rs62.30. The new prices were for January 2018.

Then in February 2018 again petrol prices were raised by the Ministry of Petroleum. OGRA recommended an increase in prices thus petrol prices increased by Rs 2.98, high-speed diesel price went up by Rs 5.92.

Petrol Prices Expected to Increase in March 2018.

So what can we expect for March 2018? Again OGRA will make suggestions to raise the petrol prices and most likely again the Ministry of Petroleum will increase it.

Along with the past history proving that we might see a further increase in petrol prices in the upcoming month, there is another important reason that we make this claim

The cost of oil is getting higher globally which will push the local government to increase prices.

One of the outcomes of the devaluation of Rupee against US dollar in the domestic market is the increase in oil prices. Then the global increase in oil prices has aggravated the situation. The truth is that Pakistani public can’t take this anymore.

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And one thing that might stop the government from increasing fuel prices this time is that IHC recently issued a legal notice to OGRA and Ministry of Petroleum for increasing the petrol prices every month. So there is a ray of hope that this time they might spare the public & will let them breathe with ease.

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