Petrol Price to Increase by Rs. 2.31 Per Litre in Jan’21

After due consideration, the PM has approved to increase the petrol price by Rs. 2.31 per litre in January 2021.


Prime Minister Imran Khan recently approved a fuel hike as a present by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) from the first month of 2021.

Earlier, OGRA suggested an increase of Rs 10.68 and Rs 8.37 per litre for Petrol and Diesel, respectively, for the first half of Jan’21. Though, the PM has increased the prices but to a minimum level.

According to sources, the price increase in petrol and diesel would likely be increased by Rs2.31 per litre and Rs 1.8 per litre respectively.

The PM’s decision is taken after consideration to offer relied on the citizens at a maximum level.

In addition to this petrol and diesel hike, OGRA also recommended a hike of Rs 10.92 and Rs 14.87 per litre for Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel, respectively.

According to the source, the government, however, has approved a hike of Rs 3.36 and Rs 3.39 per litre for Kerosene Oil and Light Diesel, respectively.

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