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Petrol Firms Resume Petrol Supply to Pumps in Karachi

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The petroleum firms have resumed the petrol supply to the pumps in Karachi after like a gap of more than 20 hours on Sunday.

The supply had been delayed owing to the shortage in the reserve of the petrol and diesel at the firms and refineries throughout the nation.

After a reduction in the fuel prices by the government, the demand for the item had surged that has led to the petrol pumps run out almost immediately.

Previously, Dr Hafeez Sheikh announced that petroleum product prices will see a reduction from the start of this month.

The cut in the petrol prices is because of the US oil prices that have been decreasing ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus as companies are unable to store more oil as the demand for the commodity has fallen.

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As per people, the fuel had been available earlier at the PSP pumps only. However, after 20 hours the supply had gotten better and other pumps have also started to sell petrol and diesel.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the government of Punjab has extended the operation timings of the Utility Stores across the province. The decision has been taken for providing ease to the people, so that they may go and visit these stores even after Iftaar.

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