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Petition filed in Supreme Court to restrict Chinese to buy land in Pakistan

Pakistan's Economic Situation - CPEC

A senior lawyer has approached the Supreme Court demanding directives for the government to stop selling land with proprietary rights to the Chinese citizens amid China-Pakistan economic corridor CPEC.

Watan Party’s head Barrister Zafarullah Khan has filed a petition in Supreme Court, the petition urges supreme court to put restrictions on Chinese citizens as they have too many relaxations in the name of CPEC allowing them to acquire land which is against the sovereignty of the country.

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Barrister Khan argued that Chinese citizens have no visa restrictions to visit, enter and live in Pakistan but Pakistani businessmen face many problems in relation to their visas. The Chinese government has strict visa policy for Pakistani businessmen while Pakistan has no measures for Chinese visiting Pakistan.

He also mentioned that Chinese citizens have been enjoying many other privileges in Pakistan from recreational parks to residential colonies all being established in Pakistan in the name of CPEC. The lawyer argued that CPEC is becoming the reminiscence of East India Company to many Pakistanis which led the British occupation in the sub-continent.

He also pointed out the flaws in the agreement between China and Pakistan under CPEC. According to Khan, it is a one-sided contract which is totally against the sovereignty of Pakistan, provisioning such contracts has compromised the country’s security and sovereignty.

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The lawyer urged the supreme court to take necessary action in order to issue directives to the government to review the terms and conditions of CPEC agreement and restrict Chinese from doing direct investment in Pakistan.