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Petition Filed for Separate Graveyards for Virus Victims

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The Lahore High Court has issued notices on Tuesday for the provincial and district governments on a petition asking establishment to have separate graveyards for the people dying of coronavirus.

Syed Husnain Haider, a citizen has filed a petition saying that the patients of coronavirus were supposed to be kept in isolation owing to the fear of the spread of the virus. In case of the death of any patient, they were buried under strict preventive protocols in the graveyards.

He argues that the people dying from COVID-19 should be given burials in separate graveyards so that the spread of the virus be curbed and avoided. He asked the Lahore High Court to issue directives to the government to restrain the burial of the COVID-19 patients in public graveyards as soon as possible. The petitioner also asked for a directive for the government authorities to set up dedicated graveyards for the COVID-19 victims.

The petition was heard by Justice Shakilur Rehman and he issued notices to the respondents for 11th May.

On the other hand, as per the latest, the government of Punjab has recorded the highest number of COVID-19 cases so far in just 24 hours time. The count of cases that have been reported are 569 and that increased the total count of coronavirus cases in Punjab to 8,693.

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