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Peshawar Zalmi Launched “Madrasa Cricket League”

Peshawar Zalmi—the number one brand of Pakistan Super League has announced the introduction of the third league— “The Madrasa Cricket League”.

Javed Khan Afridi—the Chairman of Peshawar Zalmi on Friday said that the major objective of this league is for promoting the peace and interfaith harmony among the youth.

After the launch of Pakistan’s first school league and the Global league, Peshawar Zalmi would be conducting the “Madrasa Cricket League” in collaboration with the Zalmi Foundation and the World Council of Religions.

The initial first phase of the Madrasa League would be played in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP). Ten teams would be taking part in this league.

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With the launch of another creative cricket league, Peshawar Zalmi has proved that it is not just a cricket franchise, however, it is a long-term ideology founded on the basis of promoting sports in the region and for providing empowerment to the youth of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa via the initiatives of the Zalmi Foundation.

He further said that through sports, the message of prosperity and peace could be extended across the world.

Via this league, the students of madrasas would be diverted towards cricket and with this, they would also get an exposure to the religious conferences that would assist them in enhancing their knowledge, Javed Afridi added.

In the initial phase of the league, following ten teams would be taking part in the league:

  1. Al-Maqasid Fighters,
  2. Al-Nasr Swingers,
  3. Al-Muttahidoon Creatives,
  4. Al-Haq Smashers,
  5. Al-Noor All-Rounders,
  6. Al-Wasl Supernovas,
  7. Al-Wahda Hitters,
  8. Al-Hilal Challengers,
  9. Al-Khair Riders, and
  10. Al-Ittihad Peace builder

After the first phase in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the league would spread across the other provinces of the country where there would be a final between the best madrasa teams.

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