After Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad, Peshawar is now welcoming ride-hailing services

Vheelz - Ride-hailing services

After Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad/Rawalpindi, a new ride-hailing service reached Peshawar. But it is not Careem or Uber. It’s a Rawalpindi-based ride-hailing services company; Vheelz.

First started in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, Vheelz is a software-based company. The company’s central office is located in Rawalpindi and now is establishing its base in Peshawar. The company is using a traditional slogan ‘

The company is using a traditional slogan ‘Jul Soo Jee’ (Vheelz definition: Do you need a ride?) to call new rides.

Just like Uber and Careem, Vheelz is a mobile app. Users install the app on their smartphone, book a ride, and reach their destiny without causing much of a trouble.

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However, there are two slight differences using this ride-hailing service:

  1. The app connects itself with a customer’s mobile account and charge the bill directly from it, without having the customer to pay in cash (of course, all is done prior to customer’s permission),
  2. The app doesn’t call a car but a motorcycle or rickshaw to offer their ride-hailing service.

In an interview, the founder of the company says:

When your destination is not more than 2-3km away, why you need to pay Rs. 100? The basic concept is to make your journey smaller for a 1/3 of a cost as compared to a taxi.

Vheelz charges Rs. 8/km for a motorcycle ride. And for a rickshaw it’s Rs. 10/km. The company claims to have 200 rickshaws and 500 motorcycles registered with them. The company will start its operations in Peshawar from April 2017.

Image credits: Vheelz

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