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Peshawar University Announces to Cut Employee Salaries

Peshawar University

On Monday, the University of Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s oldest education institution made a decision to cut down the salaries of its employees by twenty percent.

The administration has decided to cut ten percent salaries of all those teachers serving in BS 17-19. Teachers serving in BS 20, their salaries will be slashed down by twenty percent cut.

According to the University’s administration, all those employees working from grades one to sixteen, their salaries will not be slashed.

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The coronavirus pandemic caused a loss of around Rs.400 million to the University of Peshawar. The postponement of semester fees and examinations is the reason the university fell into crises.

Most of the employees and teaching faculty members of Peshawar University have shown concern regarding the salary cut.

A few months back, the administration sought a bailout package from the provincial government. Also, the government agreed to issue a grant-in-aid of Rs.250 million to the university.

The University of Peshawar although received an aid of Rs.100 million amount from the provincial government  but still Rs.150 are due as the government failed to provide it.

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