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Peshawar Traffic Police’s Campaign Against Drugs, Vulgarity and Guns from Rickshaws

The Peshawar Traffic police is working on a ten-day campaign for the removal of unpleasant paintings and posters from rickshaws that glamorizes guns and drugs. This campaign started on Monday.

Also, they are working on taking down the objectionable photos and posters of film actors from the vehicles.

Rickshaws with such kind of posters and paintings are being stopped at different locations. As per the police, the rickshaw drivers are asked to either voluntarily remove such posters or to face the consequences.

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Yasir Afridi—Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) said that the objective of the campaign is to keep the community safe and clean from the obnoxious effects of drugs and guns culture.

He further mentioned that the police are encouraging the rickshaw drivers to replace such posters with some patriotic or community awareness drawings or messages or paintings.

The residents have gladly welcomed this campaign. A resident living near Abdara Road, Sarmad Ali said that the posters of actors holding weapons of violence or promoting the use of drugs is unhealthy for the society.

He also added that the culture of drugs and guns should be discouraged as much as possible.

Experts of various field also are in support of this initiative. DR. Azaz Jamal of Khyber Teaching Hospital (KTH) who works in the psychology department of the hospital said the exposure to guns, drugs or vulgarity causes the aggressive behavior. He mentioned that it affects badly on the minds of people, especially children.

This is an amazing and much-needed initiative that the police department has taken. It would not only encourage people to change their mindsets but would also help people to think beyond drugs and vulgarity.

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