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Peshawar Police Launches Mobile App Services

With the help of modern technology, The Capital City Police Peshawar launches Mobile App service on Thursday in order to provide improved service delivery to the public. Peshawar police chief Salahuddin Khan Mehsud inaugurated the app on the occasion, the app is available on Google Play Store and it can be downloaded directly on Android phones.

The Police Chief said the app is developed in order to improve service delivery to the public with the help of technology. People can have immediate access to the police using this app, incidents like robbery, blast and any other emergency incidents can be reported through this app. This would be a milestone dealing with the emergency situations—he added.

He further said the KP police is introducing new ideas to improve the policing department, the use of technology is quite helpful in this regard. We have witnessed the crime ratio going down with the efficient use of technology and research. This app would also play a critical role in fostering people’s confidence and bringing the crime ratio further down.

Peshawar Police Mobile App Features

By using this app, people can make direct calls to the police department in case of an emergency, people can also use the app to report incidents, crimes and accidents happened to cops. Images and videos related to incidents could also be shared with the police department using this app. The app also provides helpful information to the public such as; contact numbers of City Police Stations.

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