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Peshawar Hotel Owner and Manager Booked for Killing the Guests

It has been reported that a Peshawar Hotel owner and manager were booked for murdering the guests.

One of the members of the murdered family, Humayun, in his statement to the police and court, stated that his family has almost Rs 1 million in cash and 250 grams worth of gold.

Humayun has accused the owner of Afandi Hotel Nasirul Mulk and manager of the hotel Shahzad Ahmed for setting off a bomb to take the gold and money from his relatives.

As per the police, an explosion was reported on May 11th night in the hotel room number 408. In the blast, Mehran, Najmeena, Nargis, Rehmal, and Aasaish lost their lives.

Two of the family members Kamran and Aamir lost their lives during the treatment. As per Humayun after the blast, they lost the money and the jewelry.

Initially, it was reported that the Deputy Commissioner Peshawar, Dr. Imran Hamid Sheikh constituted a committee to investigate the gas leakage blast of Afandi Hotel Peshawar.

An investigation is going on into the matter and the police have registered an FIR against the Hotel owner and manager. Murder and looting charges are also added in the FIR.

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Right now the investigation is ongoing but the incident in itself is quite alarming. Whether the hotel owner and the manager are the real culprits or not, that is for the police to investigate & conclude but for tourists who come and visit Peshawar and reside in hotels this whole incident will have an adverse effect. Even if the whole incident was an accident, the hotel management should be held accountable so that such incidents can be avoided in the future.