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Peshawar BRT Bus Service Has Been Suspended


Peshawar BRT bus service has been temporarily suspended, According to a Trans Peshawar spokesman, the BRT bus service in Peshawar has been temporarily suspended. The bus company team will inspect all the buses after which it will be decided to restore the service.

It may be recalled that shortly after the commencement of BRT, several incidents of fires have been reported in buses due to which precious human lives were in danger. Earlier it was reported that the Chinese team arrived in Pakistan on Sunday to inspect the BRT fire case.

“A fresh review of BRT’s buses will be held,” said Spokesperson TransPeshawar Muhammad Omair. “The safety of the passengers is the institute’s topmost priority,” he added. 

He said that a detailed review of the buses will be conducted by the company that manufactured them, adding that an investigation was also being carried out to determine why two buses of the project had caught fire earlier, according to Geo News.

The major incident happened last week when a fire erupted in the BRT bus near Gulbahar Station, according to the details the bus caught fire as soon as it reached the station. The passengers managed to escape the bus when it caught fire and Rescue 1122 was called on the site immediately to put off the fire. This incident was the latest and the third when a BRT bus caught fire, earlier, fire erupted on one of the BRT bus’s roof on August 26 and another BRT bus caught fire in a similar manner in Hayatabad area.

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