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Peshawar Bans Issuance of Driver’s License

In order to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, the traffic police in Peshawar declared on Sunday that there will be a halt in providing the driving licenses for the next two weeks. There are chances of extension in this preventive measure if the pandemic virus did not control during this period.

The provincial and federal governments ordered to take such a step. They also announced the closure of all the public places like; parks, marquees, schools, colleges, and universities.

The officer further added that the two driving schools which were managed by the City traffic police have also been shut down due to the closure. Moreover, these public places will run accordingly after any further notice is issued by the government.

On the other hand, the traffic police and other personnel have also been advised to take precautionary steps put forward by the doctors and the government.

Two new cases of the deadly virus have been diagnosed in Balochistan which gives a ratio of 10 patients in the province and 33 from all over Pakistan said Liaqaut Shahwani one of the spokespeople from the provincial government.

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