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Personal Information Leaked Online of 44 million Pakistani mobile phone users

It has been reported by ZDNet that personal information of 44 million Pakistani mobile phone users has been leaked online.

It was claimed by a Pakistani cybersecurity company last month that it found a data dump on the dark web that had info of 115 million Pakistani mobile users.

The data dump’s asking price was 300 Bitcoins (BTC) or $2.1 million. On the orders of the Senate Standing Committee on Interior, the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), and NADRA are investigating the data dump.

The latest leak of personal info of Pakistanis is a bigger data dump. It contains the details of around 115 million Pakistanis listed for sale last month.

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The recent data leaks revealed that it has both personally-identifiable and telephony-related information of customers of all the telecom operators.

It contains information including Names, Mobile phone numbers, CNIC numbers, residential addresses, landline numbers, and dates of subscription.

As per the attached sample of 44 million records, the current data is from 2013. What this indicates is that either the hacker got hold of an old backup file or this data breach occurred back in 2013 and has just surfaced online.

It is important that the telecom operators publicly inform their customers if their data is compromised, irrespective of the date of the leak. If they fail to do this it would mean that either company is not aware of the breach or they have purposely chosen to keep their users in the dark.

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