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Pepsi And Coca-Cola to Invest $1.4bn in Pakistan

Pepsi and Coca-Cola

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are all inclined to make an investment of $1.4 billion in Pakistan in the years to come. This was informed by the PM’s office after the executives of the 2 firms met with the Prime Minister—Imran Khan.

Pepsi has got the intentions of making a further investment of $1.2 billion in the span of the next 5 years, it was informed on Wednesday from the PM office. A Pepsi delegation having executives from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North Africa led by Mike Spanos met with Imran Khan.

Coca-Cola has got a business of $500 million in Pakistan already, it also initiated a planned two hundred-million-dollar investment in the coming 2 to 3 years, as added in a separate statement by the PM office on Tuesday.

Both the companies have so far not responded to the request for comment.

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Many consumer firms consider Pakistan as the 6th most populated nation, a hot consumer market owing to the country’s fast-growing population of two hundred and eight million people.

Imran Khan told the delegation that Pakistan was committed to facilitate the businesses and investors in Pakistan, where hundred million people are below the age of thirty.

Suleman Rafiq Maniya—the head of research at local brokerage house Shajar Capital said that it is the youth population which they think is attracting the global firms in Pakistan besides the surging wealth of the middle class.

The economy of Pakistan has been rising in the present years owing to a sharp decrease in power shutdowns and a significant decrease in militant attacks. China’s loan of sixty billion dollars in infrastructure spending has also assisted in the development,

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