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People’s Square Opens for Public

People's Square

People’s Square Karachi is now open for public, the site which is a recreational site that has been built by the government of Sindh near the Pakistan Chowk of Karachi has been opened for the public today.

It was inaugurated today on the occasion of Independence day of Pakistan.

Senator Murtaza Wahab, the spokesperson of the provincial government tweeted that the wait is over finally and that the People’s Square would be inaugurated today for public. He further said that it enhances a basement parking space with a capacity of three hundred fifty cars and motorbikes other than assisting the travelers to park and then walk to the Burns Road, Burns Garden, DJ, Arts Council, SM Law, and Arts College.

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Earlier he said in a statement that the government of Sindh has established the recreational facility at a price of Rs.1.5 billion in collaboration with the World Bank under the project named Karachi Neighbourhood Improvement.

He mentioned that there is a parking space for automobiles and 250 motorbikes while 2000 people could visit the beautiful recreational spot at the same time.

He also said that many stalls and tuck shops have been set up and many trees and plants have been planted at the square with 50 percent of the shops reserved for women so that they could do small business in such a beautiful place.

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