People Going Gaga Over Diamond Encrusted Emirates Plane

diamond covered Emirates plane

People are actually going gaga over a diamond covered Emirates plane, however, the truth is somewhat little less interesting than that.

As per Khaleej Times, a crystal artist—Sara Shakeel who has got a strong Instagram following of more than 4.8 lakhs, shared her artwork on the social media platform where the image caught the airline’s attention. The Emirates airline liked the artwork so immensely that they asked for the permission of the crystal artist for reposting it. The airlines went further and even upgraded its flight to Milan from Pakistan.

A spokesperson of the Emirates told Gulf News that they just posted an art piece created by Sara Shakeel—a crystal artist. He added that he could confirm that it is not at all real.

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People were like always in a hurry to jump on to conclusions considering this plane represents the luxury of Dubai in the best possible way.

Previously Emirates added some new features to its Business and First Class for providing more relaxed and smooth air travel experience to its customers. The First-Class Emirates passengers wold have the skincare products of BYREDO in their respective private suites.

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