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People Coming from China to Go Under Screening at the Pakistani Airports, Border


As per the latest report, sources have indicated that people coming from China would be put through screening at the Pakistani airports, border.

A new virus that has taken the lives of 9 people has infected hundreds and has already reached the US. The virus could mutate and spread, China has issued warnings as authorities are striving to contain the disease spread.

As per sources aware of the matter and linked to the healthcare authorities in Pakistan there has been serious pondering over a proper medical checkup of the Chinese visitors who intends to enter the borders of Pakistan.

The citizens and visitors of China would be sent through a screening procedure at the airport premises by a team of healthcare professionals after a health scare of a SARS- like virus known as the 2019 Novel Coronavirus has taken all by storm.

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According to sources, the Ministry of Healthcare has sent directives to the concerned authorities to take all the needed precautionary steps to stop the possible spread of the virus to Pakistan.

The ones coming from China would also be put through screening at the border area between China and Pakistan who meant to crossover for a visit.

According to sources, the Pakistani government is presently thinking to start an awareness drive about the deadly virus and its possible symptoms and the treatment procedures.

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