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People Can Now Track Coronavirus Reports Live Online

Coronavirus portal

Due to increasing concerns about the deadly Coronavirus outbreak, an online portal for Coronavirus has been developed which provides live information on Coronavirus reports and deaths.

Although the World Health Organization (WHO) initially overlooked the epidemics of Coronavirus, later they admitted their mistake in assessing the risk of Coronavirus, the World health watchdog has already declared it a Global “High Risk”. Now the researchers and scientists have been working round the clock in order to find a cure for this fatal virus.

However, to remain updated on the reported cases and deaths due to Coronavirus an online portal has been developed which can be accessed online, the portal provides real-time information on the reported cases and deaths along with location data including maps.

The Coronavirus has now reached 18 countries around the globe including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, USA, France, Germany, Canada, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

No Coronavirus has been reported in Pakistan the National Health Commission NHC said, however, the samples of 5 suspects were sent back to China for diagnostics but doctors said, these suspects could have been affected by a disease other than Coronavirus. You can access the Online Coronavirus Portal here.

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