People are liking Disney+ latest ad-supported tier


It looks like a lot of people are using the Disney+ ad-supported tier, but in 2024, they will probably be moping over Prime Video adding commercials to the service. Subscribers are okay with it, or at least can afford to pay less a month for it as a result. After its launch in late 2022, Disney’s streaming service saw a significant surge in the number of members paying $7.99 per month.

Customers would undoubtedly prefer that Disney+ was just less priced and that there was no ad-supported tier at all. However, the advertisements on streaming services are typically significantly superior to those on cable TV. They can frequently be shorter and occur in smaller numbers. It is presumably the reason Disney+ members will deal with ads as a reference, taking less money out of their accounts every month.

Disney+ ad-supported tier is much more popular

The new tier is becoming more popular, whether users enjoy it or not. So much so that, since the ad-supported tier debuted, half of Disney’s new members have chosen the less expensive plan. Disney stated as much when mentioning the measure in a post on October 27.

Of course, some users may have chosen to cancel because they disliked the thought of seeing advertisements on the service, even if it was less expensive. However, it wouldn’t be shocking if some viewers had chosen to subscribe to the service because of Disney’s recent introduction of a less expensive version that includes advertisements.

To put it briefly, streaming services now always have advertisements. Of course, not all of them have advertisements. Max gives you only snippets of its own material and doesn’t contain any advertisements. Much as Prime Video now does. The same applies to Apple TV+.

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