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People are Furious as No Electricity in Pakistan on First Day of Ramadan

Lahore Blackout

Yesterday, a major technical fault in Tarbela resulted in a Power outage in most parts of Pakistan. Today there are no issues but most of the country remains in darkness.

We have entered the Holy Month of Ramadan, yet people are furious as there is no light.

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We will share some tweets in this article, posted today by people who are suffering due to electricity issues.

Power is put off at 11:45 am and since then there is no electricity city. Complaint # 6008710295. KE is not being run by Muslims, otherwise, they have not put off the light during the holy month of Ramzan. KE’s performance since 2009 is very poor and full of shame.”

“There is no light in Fort Abbas since morning like yesterday.there was no shortfall or technical problem in power stations. But as a Ramzan starts, light is vanish.what can say to the govt of Pakistan.”

“Alhamdulillah 1st Roza and no light by KElectricPk started again from 1017 in Karachi Pakistan CJ CJP NEPRA Shame all of you. May ALLAH curse on you! 1st Ramadan/2nd time loadhsed after sehri.”

Loadshedding what a shame its Ramadan and there is no light no water coming in several cities of Pakistan our Gov is sleeping !”

“Such a disturbing situation in Pakistan… it’s first Ramzan & no light all over Pakistan”

electricity went out. 1st day of ramadan. mashaAllah & subhanAllah @ our islami jamhoooriya e pakistan!

This tweet has some ray of hope, as quoted, “Finally @KElectricPk fixed the bin Qasim power plant with an equipment replacement, which will restore the 180MW of electricity. Hope to see no more loadshedding in Karachi.”

“First roza and no light since 7:30 am , Islamabad Thanks to PMLN and for making our lives hell in ramazan as well! You’ve sucked the blood of a common man to the core , never underestimate his plight!”

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