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People Are Furious After a Cinema in Lahore Released CCTV Footage of Dating Couples

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People are inquiring about their privacy rights after a cinema in Lahore released surveillance footage of dating couples.

The video released show couples engaged in intimate acts and people are furious that why the videos were captured in the first place.

The ex-director general of the Punjab Strategic Reforms Unit of the Chief Minister and the activist—Salman Sufi was the first one to indicate about this matter on Twitter.

He wrote that he just identified that the video recordings of the citizens from cinema halls in Pakistan have been shared around. He further wrote that is unacceptable and is a violation of the law. He asked all the theatres and public places to delete all the video recordings that have got no recorded safety threat as earliest as possible.

He said that this is a serious matter of privacy breach and could never be allowed.

Nighat Dad—a lawyer and a digital rights activist also spoke on the matter and said that there is a lack of awareness among people about it.

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She said that similar incidents have taken place in the past too, but no action has been taken against the cinemas. She added that the lives of the people in the videos have been ruined but no one talks about it as so much shame is attached to it.

She added that signboards in easy language should be put up everywhere inside the cinema with captions like “Cameras are watching”.

Dad remarked that people need to question the policy of the cinema and ask them how long they would be keeping the CCTV videos.

Packages Mall in Lahore and Cinepax Cinema have shown agreement to the demands placed forward by the Sufi’s movement. But, so far Universal Cinemas and Cine Star have not given any comments on the matter.

Mariam El Bacha—the CEO of Cinepax issued a statement for showing their support with the movement.

The statement read that only the top management would have access to the CCTV footage, which is okay as when many people get access to the footage, the chances of it to get leaked increases.

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  1. Why would cinema management leak something which can ruin their own reputation? It can be clearly seen that some other person recorded it with other device and cinema management must have already taken some action about this matter. First of all people shouldn’t do such rubbish things publicly which is illegal as well as sin. Time to grow up as nation already and stop doing such illegal acts.

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