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PEMRA issued advisory to all media houses for the day of Elections

Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) has issued the recommendations to the all media houses to announce the final results of the polling only after the confirmation by the Returning Officer of the relevant constituency.

However, if any TV channel announced the results of the polling, it should be aired with a disclaimer that the results that are being announced are unofficial and they should not be considered as the final result. Moreover, the final and official results shall only be announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

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PEMRA has also directed all media houses in Pakistan to ensure the impartial coverage of the general elections in the country on 25 July without any differentiation of any political party or candidate contesting the elections 2018.

Regularity Authority has all asked all the TV Channels, Radios networks to show soberness while they are covering the general polls on July 25 across the country.

It also said through the press release that the Election Campaign for the elections 2018 would be ended on the midnight of Monday-Tuesday July 23-24, therefore; no TV channel would be allowed to air the content by political parties, advertisements, programme, and the opinions on the polling process which helps to malign or favor of any candidate or any political party contesting the election.

The authority has also directed the media houses not to air the violent incidents if happened on the basis of political affiliation on the day of the elections and should air the tolerance among the voters of the country.

PEMRA said that it is mandatory for all media houses to inform and educate the people of Pakistan about the relevant electoral matters on the Elections Day as well as should motivate the people to cast their votes on July 25.