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PEMRA Bans Live Audiences During Ramazan Transmissions

Ramazan transmissions

PEMRA has banned the live audiences from attending the Ramazan transmissions amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It has been directed that there should strictly no live audience during the regular Ramazan transmissions at the time of Sehar and Iftar as public crowds for any reason whatsoever are declared as dangerous and the possible source of spreading the disease not among the audiences only but also among the crew members.

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Furthermore, the channels have been suggested to disinfect and keep their equipments sanitised, while offering safety kits to the staff involved in the process of trasmission in any way.

The authority has also barred from the distribution of the luxurious gifts on the Ramazan shows.

The authority further said that no display of bikes, gifts, cars should be done as the world is going through tough times, there is hunger, joblessness and the scaricty of resources and this all would have a very negative impact.

The authority also said that the concepts of social uplifting duirng the crisis would be intriduced.

The regulatory authority also said that any show that would be found indulged in the hate speech or not complying with the mentioned directives would be barred with immediate effect.

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