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PEMRA Advised Channels to Assist in Making A Healthy Society


The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has advised to the channels, asking them to stress and show the positive developments in the country and to boost positivity for building a healthy society, instead of portraying a negative image of Pakistan by providing additional coverage than necessary to crime news and negative issues.

The advisory said that in spite of the repeated requests some channels are still in the competition of showing the most glorified crime news in the prime time.

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Even smaller magnitude crimes get media hype and they are continuously shown on the news channels without even realising the impact these news carries on people. It further said that licensees must realise that the outreach of satellite TV channels is far beyond the territorial boundaries of Pakistan and they are seen throughout the world, hence a negative image is made about the nation among the international viewers owing to such content.

The patterns of the news presentation also are without any understanding or consideration of psychological imposition on human behaviour, it also said that this issue has been raised at many forums, including the complaint cell centre of PEMRA, especially among the parents who demand restriction on the television channels from continuous back-to-back reporting, coverage of crime, violence, terrorism, sexual abuse, kidnapping, and many more such crimes.

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