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PEC Discount Cards Offends Engineers’ Community

The discount cards introduced by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) on the 12th of April has offended the engineers’ fraternity throughout the country as it is majorly applicable for the Lahore based outlets and a few more cities.

The engineers’ community has called the launching ceremony of the card a complete flop show and a gesture of winning more votes in the upcoming PEC elections.

As per the PEC governing body member, the PEC Chairman—Javed Saleem Qureshi has misused millions of rupees of the statutory body for earning cheap popularity and fame for strengthening his vote bank amongst the engineers as Pakistan Engineering Council elections are coming close.

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The member further added that the PEC chairman is trying to hide his guilt of allotting illegal licenses to nearly forty-eight foreign firms without joint ventures with any local companies which have severely affected the national exchequer and has deprived many engineers from their lawful rights of jobs.

Keeping in focus the ongoing mega projects like China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said that a maximum number of engineers could be employed there but owing to the issued unlawful licenses to foreign firms, the local engineers are suffering from the unemployment.

After a report went on air on a private news channel on the ineligibility of discount card in most of the areas of the country, a healthy debate broke out on social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on.

Few reported that when they tried using the discount card at Gloria Jeans or Nandos they were denied. Another person reported that the card is useless as there is no discount available on any play zones or school fees for her kids, not even a single clothing brand is even present in the list.

Mohsin Raza raised the issue of unemployment and said that the discount card is not what is needed now. He said nearly seventy percent engineers are jobless throughout the nation however, PEC is doing nothing in this regard.

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