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PCB Warns UAE to Choose Between Us or Other Leagues

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has given out a clear message to the authorities of United Arab Emirates to select between them or other leagues which they are planning to host in near future.

UAE may arrange their own Emirates T20 leagues with plans to host the Afghan League as well, however, the Pakistan Cricket Board has informed them that this decision would affect the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which the PCB is not willing to see happening.

Additionally, alongside the warning, the PCB has also taken a step to move down the rent they pay to the United Arab Emirates for using their stadiums.

As per the details published in one of the local newspapers, Pakistan is not pleased with the UAE’s intentions of organizing their version of T20 leagues which the PCB believes would affect the revenues generated by the PSL.

As a second option, for the possible venue, the PCB contingent paid a visit to Malaysia to check their two stadiums.

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The size of the stadiums was one issue that surface,  however, it is being said that they are big and have plenty of space exactly like that of the cricket stadium in Sharjah—UAE.

In Malaysia, January and February are the months of rainfall so the cricket matches could be organized in the country starting from March onwards. Moreover, the temperature in Malaysia are less rising than the temperature in UAE, ranging in between 24-35 degree Celsius.

For checking the feasibility of the stadiums, PCB has decided to arrange a women’s cricket series against Australia in the stadium of Malaysia. The series is planned to take place in October this year.

The women’s team would also be taking part in the Asia Cup to be held in Malaysia starting from 1st June 2018.

Hosting the Pakistan’s matches in Malaysia would help in decreasing the expenses to almost half as compared to that spent in UAE.

In the meantime, a meeting to discuss these matters would be taking place on the 18th of April in Dubai where the PCB and Emirates authorities would take part to seek some middle ground.

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