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PCB Suggests Karachi and Rawalpindi as Venues for the Sri Lanka Test Series


It is highly likely that test match cricket would be making a return to Pakistan in the month of December this year with the Pakistan Cricket Board putting forward Karachi and Rawalpindi as the possible venues for the 2-match series against Sri Lanka.

Progress has been made for ensuring the Test series takes place in Pakistan—the first of its kind since 2009—with the board waiting for a green signal from Sri Lanka Cricket. Regarding the players so much is not clear yet, as if whether they are eager or reluctant to take the tour.

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As per the suggested schedule, the test series would only last a fortnight, approximately the same amount of time that the Sri Lanka team was in the country for a limited-overs tour previously this year. They played 3-ODIs in Karachi and 2-T20Is in Lahore between the 27th of September and 10th of October, and though many of their senior players backed out, the fact that the visit went off without a hitch, also the better-than-anticipated results of what was referred to as the second-string team, may have convinced some of the  players to travel to Pakistan again.

 The decision of scheduling the test match in Rawalpindi represents the expansion of cricket beyond the major centers of Karachi and Lahore.

It is surprising that Lahore has been overlooked as a venue for the series, though it is believed that the lack of daylight hours and the likely hood of smog were the major reasons behind the decision of PCB to look elsewhere.

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